Subject Type Date To Do
Sweet'n'Hard in the Maxwirtshaus at Grafing, Halfing Concert October 27th, 2006  
Transalpine 2007 Cycle tour August 2007  
Supercharge Concert November 17th, 2007  
Cinque Terre Coastal walk March 2008  
Ampfing - Wasserburg Cycle trip April 2008  
Transalpine 2008 Cycle tour August 2008  
Demonstration and strike against Sarkozy in Grenoble Reportage March 2009
Ardeche Villages, Rivers and Caves March 2009
Poland - Warsaw Center and Wilanow June 2009  
Poland - Kazimierz Dolny Walk through the village June 2009  
Poland - Cracow Center and Wawel Castle June 2009  
Poland - Auschwitz Memorial and Museum Historic Site June 2009  
France - in the south west Holiday trip August 2009  
Burghausen - Musiknacht Concerts Oktober 2009  
Tanzania - People and Nature Voyage February 2010  
Sweet 'n' Hard in the Stolzbräu Concerts September 2010  
Ampfinger Adventszauber with street theater Bavarian Culture December 2010  
Glowing Balloons near Altötting Events October 2011 Remove Adobe flash
Summer trip to Scotland Voyage July 2012
Tour to Zakynthos on the Adriatic highway Voyage July 2013  
Greece 2019 Voyage October 2019